Ok so yesterday sucked. Lets move on.

Sometimes it’s hard to see how much you have while you’re in a crisis.  While you are in the trenches you have to step back for a minute to get the 30,000 foot view of what’s going on. While it seems I’ve been down for a couple days I’m starting to see the fruit of my labor.

I have 2 proposals to put out today that if accepted will get me back in the game again and on my way to the top.

How did I get these deals lined up?  I’m cold calling my list of people that I’ve already cold emailed. It’s working really well!

I had a presentation with a potential client that is what I would say “big time” in this niche and am looking forward to working with her company.

What I’m working on building

Not sure I’ve clearly stated what is going on. I’ve been running a general agency for 3 years. I would take any client in any industry and my outreach and prospecting has just been a shotgun approach. All of these clients are local to me so I’ve met with most of them in person to present and close the deal.  After covid this is clearly not the best business model considering the hit I’ve recently taken to revenue.

I want to be fully remote and not have to meet clients in person.  I also want to build recurring revenue. 

To build trust and close deals (so i thought) I’ve been offering to do smaller monthly payments instead of a large payment at the beginning and end of the project. 

What I’m seeing is people don’t like monthly. They would rather pay in 1 or 2 payments.  This could be because I’m not presenting it well enough, but I’m alright accepting some big payments right now 🙂

Also people seem to trust me enough to make a fairly large payment so that’s cool!

End of day

I’ve sent out 1 proposal. Done one really good presentation and will send the other proposal out on Monday.

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