Oh hello rock bottom, it’s hard cold and rough down here. Not liking it much.  I was doing so well for a while but managed to fail and land on my face again. I’m getting out of this starting right now.

Specializing My Agency

I’d heard it a million times to specialize. Over the last 3 years I have just taken any client that needed anything.

I’ve finally learned how specializing opens doors that a generalist can’t.

This is the beginning of a daily series of posts where I’m documenting my journey.

Day 1

This is a series of posts where I’m documenting what I’m doing every day in my business. I’ll share what I’m learning and what’s working as well as what is not working. I’ve had a lot of failures and I’m not going to skip over those.

I’ve always liked the quote from Winston Churchill

Success is going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm.

And while that is true I heard James Altucher say it better in his book Choose Yourself

Success is going from failure to success over and over again, but each time you are learning to shrink the failures and lengthen the successes

Or something like that, don’t quote me here…


What I did today

I commited to a huge number of contacts each day.  I believe if I try to hit 100 contacts per day I will never have to worry about money. And I’m worrying a lot right now.

I sent 27 cold emails

I made 18 cold calls

So I fell a bit short on my goal with 45 contacts. I’ll do better tomorrow.

Big win today though

I started cold calling contacts in a particular niche that I’ve decided to specialize in and got an amazing response. WAY better than I ever did when I wasn’t a specialized agency. So that’s a win.

Money made today


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